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Xavier a paper written by :Maria Cristina Osswald, born in Oporto, Portugal, has just finished a PhD dissertation on Jesuit art in Goa from 1542 to 1655 at the European University Institute, Florence.

St. Francis Xavier died 450 years ago during the night of December 2. He had preached and baptized in India, Southeast Asia, and Japan but was not to fulfill his dream of bringing the Gospel to China. Stories of Xavier’s work and adventures—some from his own letters, others in reports by those who knew him or knew about him—had already […]

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Otomo Yoshishige

A Portuguese vessel had come to the province of Bungo on the east coast of Kyushu. Xavier requested info on this vessel and the messenger brought back letters from the Portuguese merchants and also from  Otomo Yoshishige, the Lord of Bungo, asking him to come to Funai, his capital. This Daimyo, then only 23 years old, was to have an […]

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The First Conversion!

Though many persons were ready to praise the new doctrine, none were willing to become it’s adherents until after the occurrence of an incident that brought about the first conversion. As Fernandez was speaking to a large company of people, a man edged his way to the crowd and, pretending that he was about to whisper something in the preachers […]

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