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At the middle of the 19th Century Japan was a hermit nation!

At the middle of the 19th Century Japan was a hermit nation. Three hundred years had passed since it had first been visited by Europeans Almost immediately after merchants found there way thither, Roman Catholic missionaries began those labors that at one time seemed likely to result in the speedy wining of Japan to their church. Then came an era […]

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PREFACE to the Protestant missions in Japan by Otis Cary

This book with a companion volume that treats of the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox missions is an attempt to describe the chief events connected with the history of Christianity in Japan .It Labors under the disadvantage of dealing with occurrences so close at hand that it is difficult to see them in there right perspective and so to judge  […]

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Hakodate and the Sendai Clan!

While Pere Nicolai had been absent Dr. Sakai had come again to Hakodate, where he soon gained an extensive medical practice. Although the company of enquirers in Mr. Sawabe’s house received help from members of the Sendai clan who had no interest in Christianity, Dr. Sakai seemed indifferent to there needs . Mr. Sawabe and others were indignant at what […]

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