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Mr. Hara Taneaki, Pioneer of the Prison Ministry!

                                  It will be remembered that several Christians had been serving as moral instructors in the prisons of the Hokkaido. A change in administration brought in a superintendent strongly prejudiced against Christianity, who soon adopted such measures as made the instructors feel that it […]

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The Gathering at Viscount Matsudaira in 1896!

In September, 1896, there was a gathering at the villa of Viscount Matsudaira in Tokyo, of prominent persons connected with different religious systems. Nineteen Buddhist priests, sixteen Christians, two Shintoists, and five other persons were present. The professed object of the meeting was to promote friendly feelings between those of different beliefs. The speakers, as was natural, emphasized the similarities […]

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Obstacles of the ” Church in Japan” and Doshisha’s falling away! 1895.

The Church for September, 1896, published an article by Rev. T. T. Alexander, D.D., on “The Problems before the Church of Japan.” What he said upon two points will throw some light upon the condition of Christian work at the period that we are now considering. The first problem mentioned was that of how the masses were to be reached. […]

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