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Aoyama Gakuin and Toyo Eiwa Gakko established!


Rev. Robert Samuel Maclay, D.D.

The educational work carried on by the different missions kept pace with the rapid advance in other directions. Already in 1883 the Methodist Episcopal Mission had established in Tokyo the Aoyama Gakuin, comprising a theological school, a college, and an academy for boys; as also a seminary for girls. In 1884 the Canadian Methodists opened the Toyo Eiwa Gakko in Tokyo ; the Evangelical Association, a seminary in the same city; the Church Missionary Society, a school for boys and also a divinity school, both in Osaka ; the Baptists, a theological seminary in Yokohama; and the American Board, a school for Bible-women in Kobe. The same year the Scripture Union was established, its object being to encourage the reading of the Bible. A programme of daily readings was prepared for its members, many of whom were not members of churches, but promised to read the passages selected. The society soon gained members in all parts of the Empire.

Picture: Rev. Robert Samuel Maclay, D.D. (simplified Chinese: 麦利和; traditional Chinese: 麥利和; Pinyin: Mài Lìhé; Foochow Romanized: Măh Lé-huò; February 7, 1824 – August 18, 1907) was an American missionary who made pioneer contributions to the Methodist Episcopal missions in China, Japan and Korea. First president of Aoyama Gakuin.



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