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Benefits of working in Unity!


Barclay Fowell Buxton

Increased denominational variety was given by the coming of the mission sent by the Universalist General Convention of America. The first missionaries reached Japan in April, 1890, and under the leadership of Rev. George L. Perin soon erected a building to serve as a permanent center for their work. A theological seminary and an English school were opened, and soon afterward a magazine was published.

The Church Missionary Society:

Another addition to the missionary force was made in the autumn of the same year by a band of men and women under the leadership of Rev. Barclay F. Buxton, who undertook the responsibility for their maintenance. They worked under the auspices of the Church Missionary Society, making Matsue, in the province of Izumo, their headquarters. Mr. Buxton was also frequently called to other parts of the country for evangelistic services among churches of different denominations. An earnest believer in certain doctrines concerning “holiness,” he did much to propagate them among both Japanese and foreigners.

Momoyama Gakuin established in Osaka!

The missionaries connected with the Church Missionary Society enlarged their educational work in Osaka by the erection of a building for what was thenceforth known as the Bishop Poole Memorial Girls’ School, and also by opening a school for boys, which in January of the next year removed to a new building on the outskirts of the city, the location giving it the name “Momoyama Gakuin.”


Japan 1937

Founding of “The Tract Societies’ Committee”

An arrangement was now made by which these agencies were combined, thus avoiding the rivalry and waste resulting from the former system. About the same time a similar arrangement united the agencies of the American Tract Society and the London Religious Tract Society, their work being put under the care of “The Tract Societies’ Committee ” composed of American and British missionaries.


Barclay Fowell Buxton Wikipedia page

Matsue band (japanese)


  1. I have a small book called “The Baptism of The Holy Ghost by the Rev B F Buxton, MA which was first written for the Mission in Japan.

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