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Funai and Yamaguchi, early centers of Christian Work.

For some time Funai and Yamaguchi remained the centers of Christian work. Naito, the governor of Yamaguchi, was among those that early received baptism. His example was followed by many other prominent persons. Two Buddhist priests of Kyoto, moved by curiosity to see the foreigners and by a desire to enter into a discussion with them, came to Yamaguchi. One […]

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Xavier a paper written by :Maria Cristina Osswald, born in Oporto, Portugal, has just finished a PhD dissertation on Jesuit art in Goa from 1542 to 1655 at the European University Institute, Florence.

St. Francis Xavier died 450 years ago during the night of December 2. He had preached and baptized in India, Southeast Asia, and Japan but was not to fulfill his dream of bringing the Gospel to China. Stories of Xavier’s work and adventures—some from his own letters, others in reports by those who knew him or knew about him—had already […]

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Otomo Yoshishige

A Portuguese vessel had come to the province of Bungo on the east coast of Kyushu. Xavier requested info on this vessel and the messenger brought back letters from the Portuguese merchants and also from  Otomo Yoshishige, the Lord of Bungo, asking him to come to Funai, his capital. This Daimyo, then only 23 years old, was to have an […]

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The First Conversion!

Though many persons were ready to praise the new doctrine, none were willing to become it’s adherents until after the occurrence of an incident that brought about the first conversion. As Fernandez was speaking to a large company of people, a man edged his way to the crowd and, pretending that he was about to whisper something in the preachers […]

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Dress Code

Increased acquaintance with the Japanese had shown Xavier that both the rich and poor were inclined to despise a person that was not well dressed. He therefore abandoned the garb of poverty and procured from Portuguese merchants richer garments than he had hitherto worn. He took with him the letters and presents that had been furnished by the viceroy of […]

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Xavier on the way to Kyoto to see the Emperor!

The missionaries remained about two months in Yamaguchi and because the results of their labor was small, they started towards Kyoto at the end of December. The weather seemed very severe for someone that lived in India and had spent the previous winter in the mild climate of Kagoshima.Sometimes they had to ford rivers where the icy water was waist […]

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Xavier's preaching method.

Without waiting for any order or permission of the king, father Francis decided that we should preach in the streets of Yamaguchi. This we did in the following manner. We (Francis and Fernandez) stood at the crossings where the people were abundant. I first read from the book an account of the creation of the world. Then in a loud […]

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Anectodes from Francis Xavier while in Japan.

Xavier frequently visited the Buddhist monasteries in Kagoshima. The abbot of one, belonging to the Zen sect was named Ninjit. He became very friendly with Xavier and often discussed religious questions with him. This abbot did not have a very high opinion of his associates, for when Xavier once found the monks engaged in the ceremony of meditation as practiced […]

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Letters From Francis Xavier while in Japan.

” Do Your best at the college (Goa, India)  to instruct and train the Chinese and Japanese boys, above all watching over their souls. Let them learn to read, write and speak Portuguese so that they may be interpreters for the Fathers who, if it so pleases God, shall before many years come to Japan and China. It does not […]

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Francis Xavier

In 1542 Xavier, along with two other Jesuits arrived in Goa,India. In this city, the capital of the Portuguese possessions, he began his missionary labors that have made his name famous. In Malacca in December 1547 Francis Xavier met a Japanese from Kagoshima named Anjiro. Anjiro had heard from Francis in 1545 and had traveled from Kagoshima to Malacca with […]

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