The Protestant Missions

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First Protestant missionaries in Japan.

EARLY in 1859, the Mission Board of the American Episcopal Church appointed Rev. John Liggins and Rev. C. M. Williams, both of whom were missionaries in China, to open work in Japan, “requesting them to remove to that empire and to enter upon the missionary work there immediately after receiving these instructions.” Mr. Liggins found that the teaching of English […]

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AT last the time had come for Japan to be drawn forth from its long seclusion. The way in which this was accomplished by Commodore Perry has often been described, and here we need concern ourselves with only such particulars as have a direct connection with our subject. When it became known that the United States was fitting out an […]

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At the middle of the 19th Century Japan was a hermit nation!

At the middle of the 19th Century Japan was a hermit nation. Three hundred years had passed since it had first been visited by Europeans Almost immediately after merchants found there way thither, Roman Catholic missionaries began those labors that at one time seemed likely to result in the speedy wining of Japan to their church. Then came an era […]

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PREFACE to the Protestant missions in Japan by Otis Cary

This book with a companion volume that treats of the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox missions is an attempt to describe the chief events connected with the history of Christianity in Japan .It Labors under the disadvantage of dealing with occurrences so close at hand that it is difficult to see them in there right perspective and so to judge  […]

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Christianity in Japan. (short history)

Present: Today, about one to two million Japanese are Christians (about 1% of Japan’s population). Most of them live in Western Japan where the missionaries’ activities were greatest during the 16th century. A few Christian customs have become quite popular also among the non-Christian population. Such customs are the wearing of white dresses at weddings or the celebration of St.Valentine’s […]

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Protestants in Japan

Protestants in Japan Presbyterian minister Divie Bethune McCartee was the first Protestant Christian missionary to visit Japan, in 1861–1862. His gospel tract translated into Japanese was the first Protestant literature in Japan. In 1865 McCartee moved back to Ningbo, China, but others have followed in his footsteps. There was a burst of growth of Christianity in the late 1800s when […]

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Visit of general William Booth, founder of the salvation Army in 1907 to Japan

General Booth’s name was already well know to the reading public. Placards bearing his portrait and advertising his meetings were posted in all cities to be visited by him, so that his name was in everybody’s mouth. The Japanese who are hero worshipers, were eager to see a person so famous. As one Christian paper said: “No other person in […]

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Failure Of Rice Crop in 1900 in Hondo

The failure of the rice crop in some of the provinces of N-E Hondo caused great distress among the peasantry. By December thousands of people were of food composed largely of acorns and the leaves of vegetables.Christian missionaries were the first to give wide publicity and they took a prominent part in efforts for the relief of those in distress. […]

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Japan in War and Peace (1904-1909)

Count Katsura said the following concerning the war with Russia, Russia at the time a Christian country, “The argument against Japan is sometimes put in this form; Russia stands for Christianity and Japan stands for Buddhism. the truth is that Japan stands for religious freedom. In Japan a man maybe a Buddhist, a Christian, or even a Jew, without suffering […]

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The year 1840-1869

The first missionary sent to Japan by the American Board was the Rev. D.C.Greene. In 1843 a number of British navy officers formed the “Loochoo Naval Mission”. (The Ryukyu Islands, also known as the Nansei Islands (南西諸島, Nansei-shotō?, literally Southwest Islands), is a chain of  in the western Pacific, on the eastern limit of the East China Sea and to […]

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