The Protestant Missions — October 17, 2011 at 12:57 am

John R. Mott, Secretary of the World’s Student Christian Federation, Visit’s Japan!


John Raleigh Mott

Among the visitors that spent only a short time in Japan, perhaps none exerted a more beneficent influence than John R. Mott, Secretary of the World’s Student Christian Federation. Reaching the country in November, 1896, he visited forty-two schools, and in all of them made a deep impression upon the students. At Tokyo, twelve hundred students of the Imperial University listened to his addresses, and eleven hundred young men were present at a meeting held in Kyoto. Many of the meetings took the form of evangelistic services with after-meetings, in which the way of salvation through Christ was carefully taught to those who remained.

The eleven existing College Young Men’s Christian Associations were greatly strengthened, and new ones that were organized increased the number to twenty-eight. About one-half were in other than the Christian schools. In January, 1897, their delegates met in Tokyo and formed a Union of the Student Young Men’s Christian Associations of Japan, which the next summer was admitted to the World’s Student Federation.

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