Roman Catholic Missions — October 30, 2009 at 7:24 am

Letters From Francis Xavier while in Japan.


” Do Your best at the college (Goa, India)  to instruct and train the Chinese and Japanese boys, above all watching over their souls. Let them learn to read, write and speak Portuguese so that they may be interpreters for the Fathers who, if it so pleases God, shall before many years come to Japan and China. It does not seem to me that there can be any other land yet discovered where so much fruit will be garnered as in this, nor that the society can be elsewhere so perpetuated as in China and Japan….”

” Should there come to Goa two bonzes (Buddhist monks) who go this year to Malacca, do all you can to have them welcomed into the houses of the Portuguese. Show them much attention. Manifest to them as much love as I did to Paul when I was in Goa. This is a people who wishes to be led only by love; therefore put away all severity in dealing with the Japanese.”

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