The Protestant Missions — September 6, 2011 at 4:29 am

Mr. Hara Taneaki, Pioneer of the Prison Ministry!


Hara Taneaki


















It will be remembered that several Christians had been serving as moral instructors in the prisons of the Hokkaido. A change in administration brought in a superintendent strongly prejudiced against Christianity, who soon adopted such measures as made the instructors feel that it was unwise for them to remain. Some of them, however, found other ways in which they could labour for the criminal classes. The pioneer in the work for prisoners had been Mr. Hara Taneaki. He continued to publish for the benefit of convicts a magazine that was admitted into many prisons of the land. He also sent it to many discharged criminals, especially to those whom he had known in the prisons. At a later date he established in Tokyo a temporary home for ex-prisoners, and in other ways he did much to help this class of men.


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