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The Japanese Mordecai and Haman!

Suddenly, just when it seemed as though the capital and surrounding regions were on the point of being completely won to Christianity, the work was interrupted by political disturbances. In the summer of 1565 the Shogun was murdered. The members of his family, with the exception of one younger brother who had become a priest, were also put to death, […]

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Takayama Ukon.

Dom Justo Takayama From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Dom Justo Takayama (1552 – February 4, 1615) was a kirishitan daimyo and the Japanese Samurai who followed Christianity in the Sengoku period of Japan. Takayama Justo was born to be the heir of Takayama Tomoteru, the lord of Sawa Castle in the Yamato Province. His name as a child was Hikogorō […]

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Omura Sumitada and Takayama Ukon!

Torres and Fernandez also hastened to Omura, where they met Sumitada, who assured them that it was his desire not to fall at all behind Otomo Yoshishige in his treatment of the missionaries and their converts. Yokoseura, which had been only a little village, quickly grew to be a flourishing town. The Portuguese merchant made it their chief port, and […]

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Omura Sumitada

Ōmura Sumitada From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ōmura Sumitada (大村純忠, 1533-June 23, 1587) Japanese daimyo lord of the Sengoku period. He achieved fame throughout the country for being the first of the daimyo to convert to Christianity following the arrival of the Jesuit missionaries in the mid-16th century. Following his baptism, he was known as “Dom Bartholomew”. Sumitada is also […]

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Various excempts!

Vilela had gained the favor of Miyoshi, one of the shogun’s ministers. Thus the missionaries received permission to preach and proclamations were posted throughout the city.  A great sensation was caused by the conversion of one of the Buddhist priests who had a great reputation for scholarship. It is said that among the writings adorning the walls of his room […]

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Funai and Yamaguchi, early centers of Christian Work.

For some time Funai and Yamaguchi remained the centers of Christian work. Naito, the governor of Yamaguchi, was among those that early received baptism. His example was followed by many other prominent persons. Two Buddhist priests of Kyoto, moved by curiosity to see the foreigners and by a desire to enter into a discussion with them, came to Yamaguchi. One […]

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Xavier a paper written by :Maria Cristina Osswald, born in Oporto, Portugal, has just finished a PhD dissertation on Jesuit art in Goa from 1542 to 1655 at the European University Institute, Florence.

St. Francis Xavier died 450 years ago during the night of December 2. He had preached and baptized in India, Southeast Asia, and Japan but was not to fulfill his dream of bringing the Gospel to China. Stories of Xavier’s work and adventures—some from his own letters, others in reports by those who knew him or knew about him—had already […]

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Otomo Yoshishige

A Portuguese vessel had come to the province of Bungo on the east coast of Kyushu. Xavier requested info on this vessel and the messenger brought back letters from the Portuguese merchants and also from  Otomo Yoshishige, the Lord of Bungo, asking him to come to Funai, his capital. This Daimyo, then only 23 years old, was to have an […]

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The First Conversion!

Though many persons were ready to praise the new doctrine, none were willing to become it’s adherents until after the occurrence of an incident that brought about the first conversion. As Fernandez was speaking to a large company of people, a man edged his way to the crowd and, pretending that he was about to whisper something in the preachers […]

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The Miracles of Jesus!

He is still the same today,yesterday and tomorrow!

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