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Opposition and the first translation of the Bible in Japanese!

Opposition, however, was not at an end. In Kyoto the local government instructed the ward officers to advise the people not to go to the houses of missionaries or to places where Christianity was preached, giving as a reason that the people already had a sufficient number of religions and those that were good enough. Two of the Japanese teachers […]

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The translation of the Bible in Japanese and “There is a Happy Land," and "Jesus Loves Me."

In the first period of missionary effort a beginning had been made towards providing a Kiristian literature. Reference has already been made to some of the works that were published. It will be convenient here to give a more detailed account; and since the translation of the Bible is one of the first things to take the attention of Protestant […]

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Missionary Conference held at Osaka in 1883!

In a historical sketch prepared for the Missionary Conference held at Osaka in 1883, Dr. Verbeck quoted as follows from various reports that described the conditions under which the early missionaries labored: “The missionaries soon found that they were regarded with great suspicion and closely watched, and all intercourse with them was conducted under strict surveillance.” “No teacher could be […]

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