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Fukuzawa Yukichi

Fukuzawa Yukichi (福澤 諭吉?, January 10, 1835 – February 3, 1901) was a Japanese author, writer, teacher, translator, entrepreneur and political theorist who founded Keio University. His ideas about government and social institutions made a lasting impression on a rapidly changing Japan during the Meiji Era. He is regarded as one of the founders of modern Japan. Tweet

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Mr. Fukuzawa Yukichi opposition to Christianity and Count Itagaki.

It will be remembered that so late as 1881 Mr. Fukuzawa Yukichi had published essays in which he opposed Christianity as dangerous to the nation, and had even gone so far as to urge that the Government take measures to prevent its extension. It seems very strange to find this leader of public opinion publishing only three years later an […]

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Hundreds of Roman Catholics on their way to exile in Japan!

Some nine months later, Mr. Ensor saw hundreds of Roman Catholics being driven by his house on their way to exile. He says that one night when in an almost despairing frame of mind because of the opposition that was being shown towards Christianity: “I was sitting by myself in my study and heard in the darkness a knock at […]

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Hakodate and the Sendai Clan!

While Pere Nicolai had been absent Dr. Sakai had come again to Hakodate, where he soon gained an extensive medical practice. Although the company of enquirers in Mr. Sawabe’s house received help from members of the Sendai clan who had no interest in Christianity, Dr. Sakai seemed indifferent to there needs . Mr. Sawabe and others were indignant at what […]

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