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The disastrous effect of the Plymouth Brethren!

Persons who had been prominent church-members were led to withdraw. In some places churches were almost broken up; in others, where churches were on the point of being organized; this became impossible because some of the believers went over to the Plymouth Brethren. If such persons had retained their faith, the result would have been less deplorable; but many who […]

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Shinto and Buddhist Official Priesthood abolished and Yaso Taiji!

In August, 1884, the Government issued a notification to the effect that “the Shinto and Buddhist Official Priesthood has been abolished, and the power of appointing and discharging incumbents of religious temples and monasteries, and the promotion and degradation in rank of preceptors, has been transferred to the religious superintendents of those sects;” under certain regulations that were of such […]

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The Young Man from Doshisha and the Rebaiburu.

The year 1884 saw the movement in favour of Christianity extending and deepening. It was about this time that the word rebaiburu (revival) gained a place in the vocabulary of the Christians; and there was constant occasion for its use in connection with the spiritual awakenings that took place in the churches and Christian schools. One of the most marked […]

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Conventions in Tokyo and Osaka!

The year 1878 was marked by a number of conventions that in various ways showed the progress that was being made. The earliest of these was a meeting of delegates sent by the nine churches that had grown up in connection with the work of the American Board. It was held in Osaka January 2 and 3. Its purpose was […]

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Joseph Hardy Neesima's Life story and Doshisha.

In 1875 there was begun in Kyoto, though only in a hired building, a school for young men. Previously the missionaries of the American Board had sought to gain an entrance into the old capital of the Empire and a Christian whose home was in Kyoto had joined with another from Kobe in asking the Central Government if a missionary […]

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