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Christian Martyrs 0f 1619 in Kyoto, Japan!

Christian Martyrs 0f 1619 in Kyoto! Christian Martyrs 0f 1619 in Kyoto, an article based on a report by Mr.Paul S. Satoh, a Catholic layman, from Osaka. I would like to start with an apology to my readers, it’s been a while that I have posted a new segment of the Otis Cary book. I will do my best to continue […]

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Dr. Joseph Neesima, the very head of Christianity in Japan dies!

The Christian Church in Japan, and especially the Kumi-ai body, met with a great loss in the death, January 23, 1890, of Dr. Joseph Neesima. He had been in Tokyo and vicinity trying to interest influential men in his plans for a Christian university, when severe illness led him to seek rest at the seaside resort of Oiso. There he […]

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All that shall live Godly in Christ Jesus, shall receive persecution!

The missionary correspondence of 1881 and succeeding years contained accounts of the mass meetings that were frequently held in theaters. The ordinary theatre of Japan is a large, bam-like structure, open to the roof, the wood-work unpainted, and without ornamentation except that of the furnishings of the stage. The floor is divided by low railings into what resemble small cattle-pens. […]

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Opposition and the first translation of the Bible in Japanese!

Opposition, however, was not at an end. In Kyoto the local government instructed the ward officers to advise the people not to go to the houses of missionaries or to places where Christianity was preached, giving as a reason that the people already had a sufficient number of religions and those that were good enough. Two of the Japanese teachers […]

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