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In 1867 hundreds of Japanese went to Hawaii!

  Running the sugar plantations       As early as 1867 a company of several hundred Japanese had gone to Hawaii, where they found employment on sugar plantations. When the Imperial Government was established in power, it for a long time did not favor the emigration of its subjects; but in 1885 a treaty negotiated with Hawaii opened the […]

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Aoyama Gakuin and Toyo Eiwa Gakko established!

The educational work carried on by the different missions kept pace with the rapid advance in other directions. Already in 1883 the Methodist Episcopal Mission had established in Tokyo the Aoyama Gakuin, comprising a theological school, a college, and an academy for boys; as also a seminary for girls. In 1884 the Canadian Methodists opened the Toyo Eiwa Gakko in […]

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The Day of Pentecost for Japan! (VI RAPID GROWTH I883-I888

We have now reached the time when the growth of the Protestant churches and the eagerness of the people to learn about Christianity were such as to arouse the highest hopes of the missionaries, and to excite the wonder of the whole Christian world. Many persons were led to ask the old question with a tone that implied an affirmative […]

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