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Not only in the open port but also in the interior, there was an increasing number of conversions. In August 1875,one of the missionaries baptized in the village of Matsunaga (Suruga) thirty persons who had received instruction from a catechist. Soon after this, the number of worshippers at the annual festival of a Shinto shrine in the neighboring city of […]

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Rumors of a change in the policy of the Government increased. By the end of 1872, the exiles were receiving more lenient treatment, and there were many indications that brighter days were at hand. “EDICTS AGAINST THE CHRISTIANS REMOVED. PRISONERS FREED. INFORM ROME, PROPAGATION OF FAITH, HOLY INFANCY. NEED IMMEDIATELY FIFTEEN MISSIONARIES.” Such was the message written in March 1873, […]

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Persecution 1867~1873 (part 2)

In October, 1867, Mgr. Petitjean went to France and Rome in order to plead the cause of his Mission. His attempts to induce Napoleon III. to make a  benevolent intervention in favor of the persecuted Christians were of no avail, the Emperor saying that nothing could be done except in concert with the other Powers. It was in the absence […]

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