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The Rev. A.M. Knapp and the American Unitarian Association in Japan!

The  arrival of Unitarianism in Japan It was in part owing to the suggestions of Japanese who, while abroad, had come in contact with Unitarianism, that the American Unitarian Association decided to send Rev. A. M. Knapp to Japan as a representative of its faith. Reaching Japan in 1887, he preferred not to be called a missionary but an envoy […]

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Educating girls of the higher classes.

Professor Toyama of the Imperial University: Several essays published in 1886 by Japanese writers are noteworthy for the favourable, though patronising, tone in which they speak of Christianity. Professor Toyama of the Imperial University, in an article on the education of girls, said that it would be a great advantage if they could be instructed by European or American ladies. […]

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All that shall live Godly in Christ Jesus, shall receive persecution!

The missionary correspondence of 1881 and succeeding years contained accounts of the mass meetings that were frequently held in theaters. The ordinary theatre of Japan is a large, bam-like structure, open to the roof, the wood-work unpainted, and without ornamentation except that of the furnishings of the stage. The floor is divided by low railings into what resemble small cattle-pens. […]

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