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Reaching the Japanese immigrants in California, 1890!

It is fitting that some notice should be taken of the work that was being done for the Japanese residing in California, and an article published in The Church, July, 189O gives an account of its condition at that time. The number of Japanese then living in San Francisco was about two thousand, while from a thousand to fifteen hundred […]

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The Young Men’s Christian Association formed!

Christian students were to be found in other than Christian schools, A graduate of the Doshisha, who was continuing his studies in the First Higher Middle School in Tokyo, conceived the plan of having a Young Men’s Christian Association to bind together the believers that were in that school, the Imperial University, and the High Commercial School. It was feared […]

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Mr. and Mrs. Carrothers of the Presbyterian Mission.

Dr. Verbeck in his “Historical Sketch ” considered that the first school to deserve the name of a distinctly missionary institute was one begun in Tokyo about 1869, by Mr. and Mrs. Carrothers of the Presbyterian Mission. Among the pupils were a few girls, and as these increased in number, it was thought best to form them into a separate […]

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