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Rev. Clay MacCauley dedicates a Unity Hall in Tokyo-1894!

In March, 1894, the Unitarians dedicated in Tokyo a two-story building to which the name Unity Hall was given. It contained an audience room, a library, and rooms for the use of a school. An extract from the dedicatory address of Rev. Clay MacCauley, D.D., will show the importance that he attached to the building: “If, in beginning what I […]

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The Rev. A.M. Knapp and the American Unitarian Association in Japan!

The  arrival of Unitarianism in Japan It was in part owing to the suggestions of Japanese who, while abroad, had come in contact with Unitarianism, that the American Unitarian Association decided to send Rev. A. M. Knapp to Japan as a representative of its faith. Reaching Japan in 1887, he preferred not to be called a missionary but an envoy […]

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