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The Great Kanto and Tohoku Earth Quake, Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster of March 2011!

  It has been almost unimaginable to watch the news and the account of what happened. As of now, perhaps 20.000 people may have lost their lives. There is still a nuclear disaster unfolding and the survivors are in desperate need of water,food and blankets. It is still quite cold here and will be so for some time to come. […]

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The November, 1886, noteworthy revival in Sendai!

Manifestations of the Holy Spirit! While most of the churches were rejoicing in great prosperity, there were in several places special manifestations of the Holy Spirit’s presence. A letter describing what occurred in the Girls’ School connected with the English Church Mission in Osaka says: “The blessing of a revival which God graciously granted to many of his servants in […]

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The Story of Tohoku Gakuin!

The desire for Western civilization was naturally accompanied by increased interest in the study of the English language. In 1885 forty thousand books were imported from England and fifty-nine thousand from America; while in 1886 the numbers increased to eighty-five thousand and one hundred and nineteen thousand respectively. The efforts of the Government to have English taught in the public […]

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