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Tumultuous times for Japan!

The assassination of Viscount Mori Important political events excited the minds of the people and made it harder to gain their attention for the consideration of Christianity. February 11, 1889, the new Constitution was promulgated. The conflict of new and old ideas was exemplified the same day by the assassination of Viscount Mori, the Minister of Education, because of an […]

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Missionary Conference held at Osaka in 1883!

In a historical sketch prepared for the Missionary Conference held at Osaka in 1883, Dr. Verbeck quoted as follows from various reports that described the conditions under which the early missionaries labored: “The missionaries soon found that they were regarded with great suspicion and closely watched, and all intercourse with them was conducted under strict surveillance.” “No teacher could be […]

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AT last the time had come for Japan to be drawn forth from its long seclusion. The way in which this was accomplished by Commodore Perry has often been described, and here we need concern ourselves with only such particulars as have a direct connection with our subject. When it became known that the United States was fitting out an […]

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The Resurrected Church (1855-1867)

Though the United States in 1854 negotiated a treaty with Japan, this and the similar arrangements made by other Western nations did not provide for the residence of foreigners in the country. It was, however, evident that the first breach had been made in the barriers that shut the Japanese away from other peoples and that the time could not […]

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