The Protestant Missions — March 14, 2011 at 1:31 pm

The Great Kanto and Tohoku Earth Quake, Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster of March 2011!



It has been almost unimaginable to watch the news and the account of what happened. As of now, perhaps 20.000 people may have lost their lives. There is still a nuclear disaster unfolding and the survivors are in desperate need of water,food and blankets. It is still quite cold here and will be so for some time to come.
Thank you for keeping the country and the people affected in your prayers, it’s the only thing that has a impact. The suffering is great, anguish has gripped everyone on what the future will bring for them. there is nothing to go back to, all is gone.

May God bless, Hugo

ps If you know of anyone in your country who would like to contribute towards relief work, a friend and colleague of mine is organizing a relief effort. You can access his home page here
he himself was involved with the Kobe earth quake of 1995.

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